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How I Lost My Personal Trainer

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Long-time Libra Fitness client, Candy Beauchamp, shares her weight-loss journey and the role her Libra Fitness trainer played in helping her find herself again. We are so honored to have her as a client and friend and are grateful for her willingness to share her story in the hope that it will inspire others to take that first step towards being kind to themselves.

by Candy Beauchamp

I recently lost my personal trainer–and gained so much more in doing so.

I spent the last 30 years moving from overweight to super morbidly obese. I struggled with my weight for three decades, trying every diet known to man. I even started walking (half-heartedly).  I told myself I couldn’t help it, it was genetic, it wasn’t my fault… I wasn’t losing weight, so I’d give up and eat half of a pizza or a pint of ice cream. I was stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle.

A little over three years ago, things changed.  I met, connected with, and became a client of a personal trainer. Chris is the most amazing woman on the planet, a trainer brave enough to take on a morbidly obese client.

I think I scared the heck out of her in the early days. What could she do with someone who wants to gain muscle, and maybe lose some weight, but is too big for the machines? Saying Chris improvised would be a huge understatement. Some of the funniest moments on this crazy journey happened in her home gym; we laughed while we tried to figure out how to do something. But we both persevered.

Thanks to Chris, I was finally working out on a regular basis.  I gained muscle. I gained confidence. I gained a friend who has stood by me through it all. She even walked my first 5K race by my side last year.

I didn’t lose any real weight working out. That was okay, though. My thoughts about my body, what I was putting into it and what it could do, about myself as a person, were all changing–and that’s what I needed at first. I don’t consider a minute of those first two years wasted. It was, instead, the best way to build up the physical and mental strength for what I needed to do next.

One of the scariest moments of 2011, for me, was when I told this wonderful woman that I’d decided to undergo weight loss surgery. I was terrified of her reaction. Would she try to talk me out of it? Would she look down on me for “giving up”?  Would she dump me as a client, or worse, as a friend?

Nope! She smiled, said, “Okay, what do we do now?” Then she went off and researched on her own (to learn about my exercise restrictions post-op) and asked a ton of helpful questions along the way.

Eleven months after my weight loss surgery, I lost my trainer. Literally. Chris and I looked at my weight loss and realized that I’d lost the equivalent to her body weight.  In less than a year I lost a whole entire person– I lost her! Thankfully, the actual Chris isn’t going anywhere. She’s here for good, or as long as she’ll keep me as a client.

At this writing, I’m a full year out from surgery. I’ve actually lost more than my trainer now– 159 pounds so far – but I still have a ways to go.  I still visit Chris every week. We still laugh. Only now we can use the exercise machines and do crazy stuff that makes my head spin. Who knew *I* could do *that*?

Candy one year post-op. 159 pounds lost!

So, yea, I lost my trainer. Along the way I gained muscle definition–I have calves!  Who knew?!  I gained strength. I gained self-confidence—and the confidence to make a hard decision that has ultimately improved both my health and my weight.  Sure, I lost my trainer–but I found myself. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was hiring Chris at Libra Fitness.

About the Author:

Candy Beauchamp is the owner of OffAssist Virtual Bookkeeping. For the past 10 years, OffAssist’s team has offered full-charge bookkeeping services to small to mid-sized business across the US. She and her team bring balance and healing to your business’ finances. You can learn more at

1st Photo: Korey Howell
2nd Photo: by Tom Beauchamp


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