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I’ve Got My Yellow Crush

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lance-armstrong-boston-1500558-lI LOVE cycling, so much so that I even follow all my favorite guys on Twitter to get the inside scoop. I especially adore Le Tour de France. Just love it. The Tour starts next Saturday, July 4th, with complete coverage on Versus. With Lance back on the scene, the whole world will be watching again. Team Astana (Lance’s Team) just announced their final nine guys this week, led by Alberto Contador:

Alberto Contador @acontador
Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong
Andreas Klöden
Levi Leipheimer @LeviLeipheimer
Dmitriy Muravyev
Sérgio Paulinho
Yaroslav Popovych
Gregory Rast
Haimar Zubeldia

I am interested to see how long Contador remains the team leader. I can’t help but think that Lance is out to prove himself again and won’t stop until he is wearing the prized yellow jersey–at the END of the race. Can he really stand to ride in the Tour, HIS “Tour,” as a support rider? We shall see. Either way, it should prove to be an interesting race, and the anticipation is making me want to dust off my old Bianchi and hit the road again. If you are thinking of doing the same, Map My Ride has a really fun Le Tour Challenge for you. Ride your bike on stage days, and enter your results for a chance to win some great prizes. I encourage you to follow the Tour and ride your bike or do something else active each day that there is a stage!

To find out more about riders and others in the cycling world who you can follow on Twitter, see Chris Spagnuolo’s informative blog on this topic over at Mashable. Here’s another, longer list put together by Carlton Reid over at Bike Biz!

About the Author:

Chris Heidel is the owner and primary personal trainer with Libra Fitness in Austin, TX, a private, in-home studio. Chris focuses her business on developing mentoring relationships with her clients built on trust and meaningful support to help them set, achieve, and maintain realistic fitness goals. Chris truly believes that while getting in shape isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Chris is certified through the American Council on Exercise.



  • I think the Astana team dynamic will be very, very interesting to watch this year. They’ve got an enormous depth of talent, probably the best in the race this year, but that might actually work to their disadvantage if Bruyneel can’t control the riders’ personalities with an iron fist.

    If Contador shows any weakness early on it could throw the whole team strategy into disarray. Contador is already almost certainly leaving the team at the end of the season, a fact that doesn’t exactly foster team unity. Armstrong, Klöden, or Leipheimer could decide to try to prove to everybody that the team is backing the wrong GC contender.

    In any case, this might be a very, very interesting tour!

  • Great points! Odds in Vegas, though, say Contador is so unbeatable that you can’t really make any money betting on him! Of course, how often is Vegas right? We shall see how it all turns out.

  • Vino’s statements yesterday about Bruyneel couldn’t have come at a worse time for Astana (or a better time for those of us who have… um… strong feelings… about that team)!

    It’s quite possible that this team is going to implode halfway though the race.

  • Maybe Lance just wants to ride! I know he is super competitive, but he also knows the realities of the team dynamic of the sport. He already has his world record! Maybe I am naive about his motives, but who cares! The drama just adds to the excitement. Not that it needs any. Since Lance has been gone, I have actually learned the names of some other riders. :)
    I bought my road bike during the Tour in 2004 and plan to ride my bike on my trainer some as I watch!

  • I am happy to see a 37 year old enter into a race and still have the motivation to make a difference. As crazy as it seems, I emulate the philosphy Lance carries at the ripeful age of 39. The main reason begins with the idea that age is a myth and that at any age, one can accomplish athletic milestones and reduce their chronological age at the same time. :) ….Delusional? Hmmm could be, but what a great world to perceive! I hope the best for him and team Astana despite all of the drama the media has portrayed.
    I hope also that Lance gives breathing room to a cyclist who has the clear ability to win the tour for the squad and not just setting a clear runway for himself…..Contador.
    Either way, it will be a fun ride to watch and for me as it mirrors the return of Michael Jordan when he came back from retirement….that too was enjoyable to see. Go Lance!

  • I agree with you, Bryan, about the age myth. I see the improvements in strength and flexibility that my clients make in just a few short weeks. The older we get, the more of an opportunity we have to be younger than our chronological age if we choose to stay in shape. Lance is also a testament to how exercise can improve your chance of cancer survival. Viva le Tour!

  • Bryan,
    So right. Whether he is doing it for the sport, for ego, or just because he has to – Lance being in contention again gives this old body encouragement. I was at the gym last night and I have a passing acquaintance with a group of 30 somethings that work out at the same time this almost 60 does. We have some respect for the persistence, determination and drive we each bring to the place. A gaggle of early 20 somethings came in last night – to work out- in cutoffs, slippers, and tube tops. I think they hit the wrong gym. :o ) As i watched them preen and prance around, not sweating a drop, I looked over at the 30 something group and watched them lifting determinedly and focusing on each move and muscle. I thought – that’s it. That’s the difference I see between the hot racer in 1999 who made it all look effortless and the man working on the bike now. It’s his focus and determination, all the time awarene that, while there are definitely more physically able people out there, it doesn’t mean you stop. I may never be able to run like the wind again (actually I never could) , but I will get to the finish line and be proud that I am better now than I was then. Can anyone here say Dara Torres? I will keep my delusions.

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