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Every Breath You Take

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Here lately, I’ve been seeing catchy billboards advertising Hotmail’s current “New Busy” ad campaign. “The New Busy Don’t Need a Desk to Get Things Done.” “The New Busy Make Pancakes Into Exotic Animal Shapes.” It’s a great campaign in that it really got my attention, so it’s taken me a couple of weeks to figure out why it bugs me so much.

Ultimately, the goal is to convince you that Hotmail can help you get your “stuff” done so that you have more downtime. Well, maybe what we really need to try is doing less “stuff” to begin with. Not an easy thing for my type-A self to do or say, but I think the New Busy need to learn how to slow the hell down and let some things go!

It seems that everywhere I turn lately, the Universe is reminding me to take a chill pill and catch my breath. A group I belong to at church covenants together to “breathe deep and slow down.” I am participating in a weight loss group right now that started the first session with a breath meditation. Sunday morning, I woke up to find a beautiful poem about breathing written by a dear elementary school friend posted on Facebook. OK, Universe, I HEAR you!

I remind my personal training clients to breathe all the time while they are working out so that they don’t pass out, but breath is important for our health and fitness in so many other ways. If there is anything we all need to learn to do better and more often it is to relax, to give ourselves some “me” time, and to get back in touch with what is important to us. Taking time to meditate on our breath is a great way to help make that happen.

I leave you with the poem I mentioned above.


by Christopher R. Covington

Chris’ Blog & Email

Breathing again
Like the first time
When Life began

Filled with fresh air
Familiar but new
Starting over
Falling in love with you

I feel like a kid
Almost giddy inside
Let’s go play
Let’s seek and hide

Another adventure
Pirate Princess and King
Can’t wait to see
What it will bring

Breathing again
And its time
Let Life begin

About the Author:

Chris Heidel is the owner and primary personal trainer with Libra Fitness in Austin, TX, a private, in-home studio. Chris focuses her business on developing mentoring relationships with her clients built on trust and meaningful support to help them set, achieve, and maintain realistic fitness goals. Chris truly believes that while getting in shape isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Chris is certified through the American Council on Exercise.

Creative Commons Photo by: Stoker Studios



  • Beautiful and well done. Your friend has talent!

  • I thought that photo was of you at first until I got to the Creative Commons info.

    But, yes, I agree. Do less. There’s a fallacy that seems to perpetuate that more technology in our lives will both allow us to do more and save time doing it, this giving us free time. Wrong, wrong. It appears to just distract us from what’s really important, change our ability to think critically, leave us with no solid accounting of our time, and more.

    Did you see this article?

  • Thumbs up:)

  • As you guys know, I work full-time, and I am semi-single-parenting a 3-year-old and a baby. So I have nearly no ability to slow down by doing less stuff. “I’m taking a day off from feeding the baby. I’ll feed him twice as much tomorrow.” It doesn’t work that way.

    But I’ve been trying to breathe deep and slow down anyway, in the middle of the activity. When you’re stressed, your body creates “extra” energy by cutting back on things like immune response. Which is a really great trade-off if you’re being chased by a bear (or misplace your toddler at an amusement park), but if you stay in that state for weeks or months on end, it catches up with you.

    It caught up with me. I was getting sick all the time, which creates a vicious circle of more sick-> more stress -> more sick. I can’t let that happen. So I’ve been taking deep breaths and slowing down while still doing my stuff. I have to install the baby gate, get the car repaired, see the dentist, take the baby to the doctor, and so forth. But being all wound up and tense about it doesn’t help anything. They aren’t the kind of activities that benefit from a big adrenaline rush.

    So: breathe in. Breathe out. Calmly install baby gate.

  • @Candy I know! So glad Chris started blogging.

    @Marc I reposted that article to the Libra Fitness Facebook page. Thanks as always.

    @Vanessa, glad you are taking better care of yourself. It’s tough alone.

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